Guarding Services

PSE Egypt Guard Force is the product of a talented pool of effective, highly experienced, multiple task managers, who are working hard to get things done right on the first time & all the time.

In existence since 2013, PSE S.A. is the most experienced and best equipped security agency in Egypt,

Our security personnel are not only alert and watchful on their posts, but are also trained to be attentive to the people and the property of the community at large.

There is an enormous difference between being a Professional PSE security guard and any other security guard. A PSE security guard is exceptionally well trained and must adhere to the following four pillars:

. Knowgeneral and specific post orders;

. Have enoughself-discipline to do the job continuously, without distraction or interruption

. Maintainhigh Professional Standards, and above all, Maintain uncompromising integrity.

Meeting these requirements produces a Security Guard Force that ensures the client’s protection. Because there can be no compromise, these pillars are the foundation upon which our security program is built and they are why PSE Guard Force is capable of providing the solid security program we propose.

PSE has designed an organizational structure and assembled a project management team with emphasis on maximizing the strengths of the security team and achieving the client goals. PSE S.A.E plans include extensive, thorough planning based on the priorities established by client’s and our comprehensive past experience. The logistical support necessary to achieve these goals will be readily accessible and delivered in a timely fashion.

PSE S.A.E is able to offer uniformed guard services, which are tailor, made to individual need and can accommodate the simplest to most sophisticated requirement. This can range from residential, commercial or banks, hotels to oil and gas or government organizations.

We also believe that supervision is equally important in order to provide quality service. In this regard,

The Operations Team constantly maintain a close supervision of all the guard backed up by a 24 hours control room staffed with English speaking personnel so that both clients and guards can obtain assistance at any time