IT security & Technical support Services

PSE has a wealth of experience and resources in security system design, and recognises the critical importance of accurate and detailed planning from the outset of every security project. Our Security Consultants provide expert advice in reducing security risks. Individual consultants have a wide range of experience in industries and security applications.


Our security engineers complement the activities of ourconsultants by working closely with the client to determine performance requirements, detailing system designs, cable, routes, positioning and connecting of equipment includingEnvironmental and aesthetic conditions


A few of the areas we concentrate are as follows:

 – Integrated Alarm Systems – Access Control
 – Intruder Alarm – Closed Circuit Television
 – Perimeter Site Protection – Electronic Article Surveillance
 – Public Address System – Parking Barriers


We have carefully analyzed the service needs, both of our equipment and our customers. As a result, we have assembled the necessary materials, administration and human resources to provide what is simply the best maintenance and repair service in the business.

PSE Security System designs proceed from an understanding that it is first necessary to know what is to be protected and why, before a valid security system design is possible. It is our policy to involve the client in every phase of system design, so ensuring that he is familiar with the rationale behind equipment selection.